Interview with Indie Reader Jason Denness

As a part-time indie reader, I tend to feel a pinch of guilt every now and then that I am unable to read more of my author friend’s work faster. But! Such is life, there is never enough time to do all the things we want. That is why I am so impressed with some folks on the GR feed who have already completed their 2017, 100-book reading challenge. Like, whaaa? How is that even-? I’ll never know because my peanut shell brain just can’t do words that fast.

Jason Denness, however, is one of those readers that leave a lot of us trailing hundreds of pages behind. So why interview an indie reader, you ask? Simply put, if there weren’t such devoted readers like Jason out there, the entire publishing industry – indie or Big 6- would go kaput. In the exciting world of indie publishing it’s easy to forget the folks who help make putting our writing out there worthwhile – the readers. Jason, being the superstar reader that he is, has already been interviewed by Psycho-Tropics author, Dorian Box (who, I admit, I stole the idea from to do this). I hope that Jason will not be the only reader I profile here, so if you know of any other butterflies in the sky, get in touch.

Enjoy and remember: always be extra nice to your readers!


IR: How do you manage to read so dang much?

JD: I always have a book with me, a book at home and one at work.  I have my kindle I sometimes take when walking the dog.  I also have the kindle app on my phone for those moments when I’m waiting for something, ie: the wife is shopping 🙂 or I’m cooking tea. I watch very little TV, so whilst the family are doing that I’ll be in a book.  So every spare moment I have is spent reading.

rocky wonderful

Photorealistic image of Jason

IR: What do you enjoy most about reading indie authors?

JD: The same thing with watching an Indie movie, instead of spewing out the same old shit they have come up with an original idea. I think because they have to do so much of the work themselves the book comes very close to perfection, mainstream books are just thrown out as quick as possible, are dull, full of errors and yet people love them.  One of my favourite things about reading Indie books is when you finish the book and you’ve been blown away by how good it was, what you feel after reading books like “Throbbing Gristle” and “Route Number 11: Argentina, Angels & Alcohol” will rarely be experienced in a big published book. Then I have fun trying to get others to read it.

IR: What’s your favorite book of all time?

JD: In the past this always changed with each book I’ve read but The Ghosts of Nagasaki by Daniel Clausen has held on to the top spot since 2015.

IR: Favorite movie of all time?

JD: Life is beautiful easy choice.

IR: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever slept and why?

JD: Wales….Was a scout and we got dumped in the Brecon beacons during winter for 4 days, had to build our own shelter.  Was the coldest I’ve ever been.

IR:  Name your pets.

JD: My stupid smelly cat is called Fudge, she farts and snores constantly.  My dog who is awesome and worships me is called Einstein. I love how he has no respect for my wife, if she calls him over he always looks at me first and only goes if I say “go on”.

IR: What do you want your tombstone to say?

JD: Tombstone.

IR: Name the most pathetic thing you’ve ever eaten.

JD: Most pathetic? Probably the pizza I made at school, I suffered from migraines as a kid and was told to not eat cheese, so my pizza had no cheese on it and it was rubbish, I remember the base was over an inch thick too.  Since I left school I’ve become an amazing cook and nothing I make now is pathetic.

IR: What mundane task do you hate doing even though it’s easy?

JD: Driving to work. It would be ok if I could take different routes but it’s the same road every day.

IR: What annoys you most?

JD: The police, I’ve never experienced anything so annoying and pathetic than having to deal with them.  Had somebody break into my car years ago, police wouldn’t even come out, just told me to put anything they might have touched into a bag and bring it them.  5 years later I got a phone call saying they had a hit from a finger print, he had been in their system for years, I asked why it had taken 5 years and they said they were busy. 2 years later I got a call at 11pm to be told they had the guy, he said he hadn’t been in my car so there was nothing they could do.  Wha?????

Another time my wife, who was pregnant at the time, was in the bath when somebody started smashing the windows of the house, she phoned the police, took them 90minutes to arrive.  They took the stone away and that’s it.  I found out some kids did it, got their address and passed onto the police, by the time they got around to going to the address, over a year later, the family had moved.  Case closed apparently.

IR: What’s the most useless fact you know?

JD: Hippos sweat this red stuff that acts as a natural sunscreen for them, now that I’ve used that fact here it’s no longer useless…

IR: What’s the most disturbing thing your child/children have ever said to you?

JD: Every time my youngest opens her mouth there is a 60% chance somebody will be disturbed by it.  Latest one was when we were in a gadget shop, she saw a “duck with a dick” she shouted out a number of times from the back of the shop “Dad, what’s a dick?”

IR: Link us to a video that always makes you laugh.


The music from that is my ringtone.


Thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer my questions!!



7 thoughts on “Interview with Indie Reader Jason Denness”

  1. This sounds like the perfect house to burgle. “Wasn’t me, officer, never there. Oh, all right, clear orf then.” I have a question: have you ever walked into a lake when out walking the dog and reading your kindle at the same time?


  2. Haha, I live on a crazy estate, you’d never be able to find my house.

    Never walked into a lake, I quite often walk into low hanging branches though, no matter how many times it happens it always scares the crap out of me.

    Liked by 1 person

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